Our family chose the road of wine culture, a road that was not marked by previous generations. Today this challenge has become a way of life and sees us all involved in wine production, each in his or her own way. Roberto Gardina, the father, of few words and tenacious, gives us the seriousness of those who love to do things right. With his daughters, Silvia and Roberta, graduates in jurisprudence and engineering, who are passionate about the vineyard, have studied and now work in the company putting their hands and faces. Behind the scenes also mother Natalia, who let herself get carried away in this adventure, and a team of collaborators, who are now a new family.


“I love to walk between the rows of vines, smell the scent of wild herbs in the vineyard, recognize chamomile, rocket and mint. And stop to listen to the sounds of the seasons: the silence of autumn and winter, the buzzing of insects in spring, the incessant singing of cicadas in summer”.


“One Saturday afternoon with seasonal shopping in the fridge. This is enough for a phone call to those friends who are brothers and away to the stove. You can’t miss the good bottle to uncork at dinner”.


“I think the shade of a mulberry tree is a great place to meet. Alone, or with a few people, sipping a wine”.


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