We at Quota 101 believe

1 – In wine as an experience, when it is tasted while listening to a song or getting lost in a movie.

2 – In the glass half full, as a means of cultural reconnection.

3 – In the strength of wine to be able to convey ideas, meetings, people.

4 – In the emotion of crossing and getting involved with stories.

5 – In the people who, with a glass of wine in their hands, melt into endless chatter.

6 – In the beauty of fatigue, like that of a bicycle ride and a refreshing wine.

7 – In the responsibility of raising awareness of respect for nature.

8 – In the search for quiet places to find themselves, like the shadow of an olive tree.

9 – In the commitment and constant searching for growth and higher quality, without energy savings.

10 – In the respect of the land that we cultivate as a loan for tomorrow.


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