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After the restoration of the old winery, today it has become a barrique room for the refinement of wines, in autumn 2019 we started the construction of a new winery completely covered with natural larch wood in a space already destined to the disused stable. During the creation we have chosen to be as respectful as possible towards what we believe in the most, the nature in which we are immersed. The winery has been designed with a view to energy efficiency and sustainability of the building, as well as a great attention to the respect of an environmentally friendly and resource efficient cycle. This will allow us to obtain the prestigious CasaClima Wine certification which we have in very few in Italy, because the requirements to obtain it are many. In addition to construction according to strict terms, certified wineries must commit to using light and recyclable packaging and be very careful in waste management. In the work and reception areas a high microclimatic and acoustic comfort is guaranteed for the health and well-being of workers and visitors and particular attention has been dedicated to the elimination of architectural barriers to ensure maximum usability to all visitors.


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