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We are on the Euganean Hills, in Torreglia, just outside Padua. A place so beautiful that it looks like a postcard. Quota 101 is not simply the altitude at which our company is located, firstly it is a family that in 2010 decided to recover the essence of a place: an estate surrounded by nature, where wine has always been made. Since the beginning we have been committed to cultivate the grapes of this place with absolute respect for the territory and the environment. We were lucky: we found old vineyards still in shape and a place rich in biodiversity.

Today the vineyards are conducted according to the principles of organic farming. Our vineyards are sun-kissed in two of the most suitable territories for the wines of the Euganean Hills. The oldest, which includes 7.5 hectares, is in Luvigliano of Torreglia, where the soil is clayey and marly, perfect for our white grapes. The younger vineyards are in Baone, in the southern part of the Hills, and they extend for about 8.5 hectares. Here the soil is calcareous and rich in flakes, as red wines like it.

Our pride is that all wines are ”winefied” only with our own grapes and that we directly follow every phase of production. For this reason in our bottles you will find the brand of the Italian Federation of Independent Winemakers.

“Federazione Italiana vignaioli indipendenti”


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